Too often in today’s world, people rush to court and sue the other side into submission in order to resolve issues. But often, this strategy results in both sides losing.

At ID Mediations, we try to help both sides win by reaching an agreement beneficial to both sides. As a result, our clients get more out of the pie rather than just a bigger slice.

With years of experience in commercial, employment and personal problem resolution, ID Mediations impartially analyzes the situation in a way that those directly involved cannot and assists both parties in finding the right solution ... a solution where everyone walks away from the table feeling good about the resolution ... and about themselves.

Available Now for Mediation Services

ID Mediations is experienced in mediating the following:

  • Mortgage Renegotiation
  • Financial Disagreements
  • Labor Disputes Including Wrongful Termination
  • Business and Contract Issues
  • Family Matters
  • Landlord/Tenant Issues
  • Personal Injury Settlement
  • and more ...